We understand you may have questions about whether our menus will be suitable for you and any dietary requirements or allergies you may have.

We are obsessed with food at Scran and we will always aim to be as inclusive as possible in all that we do however due to the nature of our events and the style of our dining experiences we have implemented a dietary policy so we can be clear to our guests and set the right expectation about our menus in order to avoid any disappointment.

Our workshops offer a set menu. There may be a vegetarian option but it may not always be possible this will be communicated on our website.

If you would like to join one of our workshops or events and do have allergies, please always contact us directly at info@scranfoodnw.co.uk before booking if you or your party have any known allergens. We cannot guarantee we can cater to all dietary requirements

The menus for our events are usually buffet style sharing dishes which can allow for people to make a choice of what they eat. Meat and vegetarian dishes will be available but please select your preferred dietary requirement on booking.

Our workshops and events may use “not-so-common” and ingredients native to that country, we welcome guests to come with an open mind and try everything that is on offer. As your Mum always said ‘you never know until you try!’

A table of allergens are available for our workshops and events, While we have procedures for segregating preparation for our events and workshops it  may involve shared preparation/cooking areas. If you have a specific food/drink allergen need, please inform us; we will take reasonable steps to prepare your meal safely, although we cannot guarantee a completely allergen-free environment or products.